Homelessness is becoming a structural byproduct of the capitalist economy. Rising costs of living in the USA (29% since 2003), growing income inequality and job instability, rising healthcare costs, ecological disasters, added to the fact that 70% of Americans have debt, increase risks for individuals to land on the street.  For women, domestic and intimate partner violence are key causes of homelessness. Low income women bear the additional trauma of limited options: uprooting themselves and their children to face the uncertainties of emergency shelters, or risking bodily safety and possible death. Anne Plaisance*, a French visual artist, came up with the socially engaged Art’s Room Project, at the crossroads of arts, sustainability, civic engagement, high tech and architecture. 


The Art’s Room is an artistic “tiny house" that will serve as a collaborative expressive arts space where the artist, working with residents at Transition House, a Cambridge nonprofit organization that supports survivors of domestic violence can visualize and share aspirations for a safe and peaceful home. Much of the art of the Art's room project will be created by the people living at the organization's emergency shelter. 


To offer opportunities for homeless women to express their own creative visions of what they want and need;

To create a representational and sustainable home that is a vehicle to spark public conversation about strategies to address homelessness and violence against women.

Born to be a pirate (2015) by Anne Plaisance

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